About The Illinois Chapter

In 1962, a small group of nationally known divorce/family lawyers met in Chicago Illinois to discuss the need to humanize and dignify the most traumatic area of family relations. As a result, the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers was founded to improve the practice of law and the administration of justice in the area of divorce and family law. Illinois has one of the most active Chapters of the AAML. Fellows of the Academy concentrate their practice in all issues related to divorce including paternity cases including: custody, visitation, property valuation, property distribution, business valuation, alimony (maintenance), and child support. The Academy Fellows are highly skilled negotiators and litigators who represent individuals in all facets of family law. These areas include divorce, annulment, prenuptial agreements, postnuptial agreements, marital settlement agreements, child custody and visitation, business valuations, property valuations and division, alimony, child support and other family law issues. The 1600 AAML Fellows across the United States are generally recognized by judges and attorneys in the area of family law as having a high level of knowledge, skill and integrity. Academy Fellows enjoy a reputation for professionalism, competence and integrity.

To qualify for member a Fellow must:

  • Be recognized by the bench and bar in his or her jurisdiction in the area of family law.
  • Admitted to bar 10 years, 75 percent specialization in matrimonial law, but subject to exception in certain geographic areas and other exceptional circumstances.
  • Completed 15 hours of continuing legal education in each of previous five years.
  • Pass oral and/or written examination on wide-ranging issues pertaining to matrimonial and family law.
  • Be interviewed by a state board of examiners as well as be passed upon by other matrimonial law practitioners in Illinois;
  • Aspire to the ethical standards set forth in the "Bounds of Advocacy" as well as state bar rules of professional conduct.
  • Demonstrate involvement in study or improvement of matrimonial law, such as publishing articles or continuing education presentations.
  • Read further details regarding Membership Criteria.

* The Supreme Court of Illinois does not recognize certifications of specialties in the practice of law. Any certificate, award or recognition is not a requirement to practice law in Illinois. For more information about the Illinois Chapter of AAML and the services we provide, please contact us at 1-312-263-6477 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Central Standard Time (CST), fill out our contact form, or email us at office@aaml.org.


Robin R. Miller

President Elect:

Laura N. Ashmore

First Vice President:

Thomas J. Kasper

Vice Presidents:

Kathryn D. Farmer
Richard Zuckerman


A. Marcy Newman


Jamie Fisher

National Delegate:

William J. Scott

Recent Past Presidents:

Steven R. Botti (Immediate Past President)

Paulette M. Gray 
Jeffrey W. Brend 
Nancy Chausow Shafer
Megan A. Harmon
Dean S. Dussias
Michael F. Koenigsberger

Board of Managers:

Kelli Gordon
Nanette McCarthy
William Clark
Gary Schlesinger
Norman Ruber
Jacalyn Birnbaum
Donna Farley
Stuart G. Gelfman
Burton S. Hochberg
Larry R. Kane (Emeritus)
Pamela J. Kuzniar
Marcia Lipkin
David P. Pasulka
William J. Scott
Gregory A. Scott
Alan J. Toback


Samuel Berger Award Winners:

The Samuel Berger Award in honor of the late Samuel S. Berger is given to attorneys and judges who exemplify the highest standards of integrity, courtesy, knowledge of family law and the extraordinary ability to solve human problems.

2016: Kathryn D. Farmer
2015: Hon. Michele Lowrance
2014: David H. Levy
2013: Hon. Nancy J. Katz
2012: Hon. Edward R. Jordan
2011: Donald C. Schiller
2010: Hon. William S. Boyd
2009: Muller Davis
2008: Joy Feinberg
2007: Hon. Carole Bellows
2006: H. Joseph Gitlin
2005: Francis Corwin
2004: Floyd Nadler
2003: Justice Mary Anne McMorrow
2002: Miles N. Beerman
2001: Sanford Kirsh
2000: Hon. Timothy Evans
1999: Hon. Grace Dickler
1998: James T. Friedman
1997: F. Dennis France
1996: Dr. Lyle Steven Joffe
1995: Hon. Susan Snow
1994: Hon. Jane D. Waller
1993: Joseph N. DuCanto
1992: F. Dennis France
1991: Hon. Philip S. Lieb
1990: Hon. Robert L. Hunter
1989: Burton Terry